How to Change Favicon on Tumblr

Users can upload their favicon icon using Tumblr static file uploader and use it to change the default favicon icon on your Tumblr blog easily.

Default Tumble favicon icon is your profile picture means your Tumblr avatar. Perhaps, You have noticed it but you can change it very easily.

How to Customize Tumblr Favicon

1The tricky part is you have to generate your favicon icon to use on your blog. First of all, Generate a favicon icon using and upload it to Tumblr using static file uploader.

2Now, You will need to change default favicon icon from theme HTML file. Logged in to Tumblr. Go to Theme customize page. Hit edit HTML button.

3Very first at your theme HTML page, You will find favicon. You can press Ctr+F from your keyboard to search favicon. Copy the URL of you uploaded favicon icon from static file uploader and change the default favicon URL just like below.

Default Favicon Icon…

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{Favicon}" />

Change it with your favicon such as below…

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

4Save your Tumblr theme.

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