How to Put Music Player on Your Tumblr - SCM Music Player Skins

Tumblr has updated it’s audio post code and music features. Now you can customize your music player and add it to your Tumblr blog.

1. Top Music Bar

Tumblr Music Player - Small Music Player - Mini Music Player

I have got many request on Ask box for some cute and cool music player and music player skin for their Tumblr blog, so finally, I am here with some of the cute and coolest music player skins and installation codes.

How to Put SCM Music Player on Tumblr

Using this tutorial, you will be able to put music player on your Tumblr blog very easily. From here, you will get the music player skins which can be installed in your Tumblr blog and will enable some cool songs and music player.

How to Put Music on Your Tumblr

Follow below steps carefully and you will see a cute music player on your Tumblr blog…

SCM Player Custom Skins

1 Skin Preview: Below are some of the best skins available. Take your time and choose the best skins for your blog that match with your blog and proceed to next step to install it.

  1. Custom SKIN 1 Preview | Copy the URL

  2. Custom SKIN 2 Preview | Copy the URL

  3. Custom SKIN 3 Preview | Copy the URL

  4. Custom SKIN 4 Preview | Copy the URL

  5. Custom SKIN 5 Preview | Copy the URL

  6. Custom SKIN 6 Preview | Copy the URL

  7. Custom SKIN 7 Preview | Copy the URL

  8. Custom SKIN 8 Preview | Copy the URL

  9. Custom SKIN 9 Preview | Copy the URL

  10. Custom SKIN 10 Preview | Copy the URL

  11. Custom SKIN 11 Preview | Copy the URL

  12. Custom SKIN 12 Preview | Copy the URL

  13. Custom SKIN 13 Preview | Copy the URL

  14. Custom SKIN 14 Preview | Copy the URL

  15. Custom SKIN 15 Preview | Copy the URL

  16. Custom SKIN 16 Preview| Copy the URL 

  17. Custom SKIN 17 Preview| Copy the URL

  18. Custom SKIN 18 Preview| Copy the URL 

  19. Custom SKIN 19 Preview| Copy the URL

  20. Custom SKIN 20 Preview| Copy the URL 

  21. Custom SKIN 21 Preview| Copy the URL

  22. Custom SKIN 22 Preview| Copy the URL

  23. Custom SKIN 23 Preview| Copy the URL

  24. Custom SKIN 24 Preview| Copy the URL

  25. Custom SKIN 25 Preview| Copy the URL

  26. Custom SKIN 26 Preview| Copy the URL

  27. Custom SKIN 27 Preview| Copy the URL

  28. Custom SKIN 28 Preview| Copy the URL 

  29. Custom SKIN 30 Preview| Copy the URL

  30. Custom SKIN 31 Preview| Copy the URL 

  31. Custom SKIN 32 Preview| Copy the URL

  32. Custom SKIN 33 Preview| Copy the URL

  33. Custom SKIN 34 Preview| Copy the URL

  34. Custom SKIN 35 Preview| Copy the URL 

  35. Custom SKIN 36 Preview| Copy the URL

  36. Custom SKIN 37 Preview| Copy the URL 

  37. Custom SKIN 38 Preview| Copy the URL

  38. Custom SKIN 39 Preview| Copy the URL 

  39. Custom SKIN 40 Preview| Copy the URL

  40. Custom SKIN 41 Preview| Copy the URL

  41. Custom SKIN 42 Preview| Copy the URL

  42. Custom SKIN 43 Preview| Copy the URL

  43. Custom SKIN 44 Preview| Copy the URL

  44. Custom SKIN 45 Preview | Copy the URL

  45. Custom SKIN 46 Preview | Copy the URL

  46. Custom SKIN 47 Preview | Copy the URL

  47. Custom SKIN 48 Preview | Copy the URL

  48. Custom SKIN 49 Preview | Copy the URL

  49. Custom SKIN 50 Preview | Copy the URL

2 Copy the URL: You can see the preview of the Music Player skins, so if you like any of the above Skin, Just right click on “Copy the URL” link and copy the link.

3 Now, you will need to go to website where you will need to search for Custom Music Player Skins. Paste the URL that you have copied in step two.

4 Edit your playlist: Add some music in your playlist. Use either direct URL of mp3 song or YouTube video as songs.

5Configure your player for Tumblr: In this step, you will need to adjust and configure the proper settings for your Music Player for Tumblr blog.

How to Put Music on Tumblr - SCM Music Player Skins

Update: Add Sidebar Music Player

You will get the option for Autoplay, Shuffle, Volume settings and Repeat enable or disable mode settings.

You will easily customize it with the position for music player, Put it on the Top or bottom of the blog page or show your playlist or not.

After setting all the above configuration, just hit “Done” button to copy the code.

6 Put it on Tumblr: Just go to Tumblr Theme Customization Page and hit the “Edit HTML” button.

7 Paste above SCM Music Player JavaScript code under <body> tag. You will easily find <body> tag under </head>.


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1. Hey guys so I’ve just put up my music player, and I’m sorry if not a lot of the music is to your taste but I like it. It’s not on auto-play so don’t worry.There are currently 37 different songs but if you have any requests I’ll be sure to consider adding it.

If you have any issues with any of the songs (eg they are saying error or whatever) if you could let me know?

Also if you have any questions about who any of the songs are by or if you like a song/band and want some recommendations feel free to ask.

2. Added a playlist to my blog~ I have it set to play only, if you click the play button though. Enjoy!

3. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!



4. I had the hardest time trying to get rid of my SCM Music player. I finally found out that the code for it is not only in the HTML part of customizing your page, but it is also in the description. So if anyone is having issues with that check your Description.

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