How to Change Avatar on Tumblr

You can put your Profile Picture before each and every post, notes and following list. You can easily customize it on Tumblr.

Profile Picture also known as Avatar on Tumblr. Its fully customizable and you can easily change or replace with new one any time.

You just need to remember that if you want to get best avatar view then you have to resize it to 66x66 pixel for the best viewable avatar.

Not even normal avatar but also you can put Animated Transparent Avatar on Tumblr and my avatar is the example which is transparent. I have made it in Photoshop but you can customize it using any other avatar maker too.

After customization, Logged in to your Tumblr account and follow below tutorial to replace your old avatar with this new and Transparent Avatar.

  1. Logged in to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Setting icon.
  3. Click on your blog Name.
  4. At the top of the page, Click on change Avatar.
  5. Browse and submit.
  6. Save the settings.




Feedback & Asks

1. My profile picture is really annoying me. It’s been annoying me for ages… the truth is, I have no idea what to make for my profile picture.

2. Most men’s dating profiles include a candid suit photo that was taken at a wedding, so this guy’s suit photo stood out for its cool background pattern, purposeful pose for the camera, and asymmetrical composition. (face blurred for privacy). I recommend every man have at least one dating photo in formal attire.

3. Now this is a tasteful way for a man to do a shirtless dating profile pic, especially if you have 6-pack abs. Looks like he might be a Hanes underwear model. Yummy!

4. I changed my profile picture on Facebook about an hour ago and NO ONE likes my picture! I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it just does…

5. Hey, any one help me, I wanna change my old avatar that looks too ugly. Actually, i am not using my original profile picture, so, any good girl photo will be just fine. Thanks

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