Cool Tumblr Codes - Some Effects Which You Can’t Miss Out

Sparkle, Rainbow and Glitter Effects which will make your Tumblr blog more colorful and trendy. New Cursor, Background image and Rainbow Links with special navigation effects and cool music player will decorate your Tumblr blog.

1. Music Player Code

Tumblr Music Player - Small Music Player - Mini Music Player

A beautiful mini music player skin which can be coded using simple steps.

2. Sparkle+Rainbow FireWorks

Sparkle - Rainbow - Fireworks Effect for Tumblr

Click any part of your blog page, these sparkle and rainbow starts will be come up. A most popular blog effect.

3. Bubble Mouse Code


Above are some of the screenshot for respective codes and effects.

Tumblr Effects and Codes

We all trying something new to decorate our blog and get famous on our niche. There are various cool and funny codes and widget that you can use on your Tumblr blog.

Often, I try various cool codes on my test blog and if I like them, I simply add it to my main blog. You can also test some of the really cool Tumblr codes such as various fonts, fading and rainbow text and links, like and reblog button, cursor and backgrounds specially on some particular festival.

Tumblr Reblog and Like Buttons

Fancy Reblog: This is a cute fancy reblog button that can be place under each post to reblog easily. Many users using it to reblog their own post.

Tumblr Fade Image Effects

Fading Image: Do you want to enable fading effects on your images? If your answer is in yes, you can grab the codes from the link given above to get a cool fading image effects.

How to Add Rainbow Link to Tumblr

Rainbow Link Generator: Have you ever added rainbow links in your navigation bar? If no, then this is the right time to do something really cool.

You can easily find such code on this blog. Just search this blog for all cool and funny Tumblr HTML codes on your test blog. Happy new year.

Quick Tip

There are couple of other Codes and effects which are remaining to attach above. However, you can easily get those effect codes from our resources or sidebar tabs.

Yeah, you can search our blog via search box. It will also help you to get your desire HTML codes.

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