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You can register your new blog very easily. Here are the tips to signup on Tumblr blogging network if you are facing any trouble to get into Tumblr.

I came to know that many new visitors who want to get into Tumblr for a new blog, Facing unknown error or trouble while registering.

Look, there might be possible that your web browser is not capable to load Tumblr log in page properly or you are not giving register details properly. OK, I will show you, how to sign up and log in successfully on Tumblr.

Sign Up to Tumblr

First of all clear your web browser cache from option. After clearing cache files, Type https://www.tumblr.com/register

You will be redirect to Tumblr sign up page where you will need to enter your first details such as…

  1. Your working Email address
  2. Your Password to log in to Tumblr
  3. Username which will be your Tumblr URL so choose it wisely.

Now, Press Register. A new option page will be come up where you will need to enter some numerical codes which is required for security purpose.

After completing all the procedure, You will be redirect to your new blog page where you can start blogging.

Same as sign up, If you are getting any trouble or facing any unknown error while log in to Tumblr, You just need to clear your web browser cache files.

Note: Never enter your Tumblr password or any confidential details anywhere else rather than Tumblr. If you are facing any error then try to access Tumblr secure site by entering https://www.tumblr.com

You can share sign up or log in issues in the comment section. For your reference below is the Tumblr log in page.

Feedback & Asks

1. I’m trying to start a new account (for other purposes other than my regular one) and I get this. But the funny part is that THERE IS NO FUCKING PLACE TO PUT THE USERNAME. Hence, I can’t make a new account. Anyone haves the same problem?

2. Don’t forget to sign up for Tumblr before our next class. Email me the email address you used to start your account and I’ll invite you to join the class blog.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation I’ll promote you to “Admin” which means that you’ll be able to edit or add any page on the blog.

3. Making a side account? Let me refer you! Just click the link; it takes you straight to the sign up page, but lets them know that I sent you.

Reference: Tumblr Sign Up Page

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