Kawaii Tumblr Themes - Cool Kawaii Layouts & Cute Kawaii Backgrounds

Here are some cute Kawaii Backgrounds and a cool Tumblr Kawaii theme which is perfect for any fashion or photography blogs.

Kawaii Tumblr Theme

Specially designed Kawaii layout looks good on technology blog. I have tested it and working fine. Additionally, I am going to provide some really cool kawaii wallpapers which you can use to change Kawaii’s default wallpaper.


Get This Kawaii v.2.0 Theme Code

Kawaii Backgrounds

Below are some cool and cute kawaii backgrounds and wallpaper which you can use in this theme.



Kawaii v.2.0 Features

  1. Endless Scrolling Pages ready.
  2. Scroll to top button enabled.
  3. A Cool Background Changer installed.
  4. Fully Customized sidebar and header.
  5. Perfect for any Photography or fashion blog.
  6. A 2 Column Kawaii Tumblr Theme.


Kawaii Tumblr ThemesKawaii Themes Backgrounds

Alright new theme ayooo; and it’s kawaii as hell.

Okay since I had a lot of people asking for descriptions to be bigger, you can have large descriptions on this theme. The only head up I have is that when you are uploading the backgrounds, give it a few minutes.

The coding isn’t broken I swear it just takes a few minutes because of the center background.

Alright so what does this theme include, well here you go:

  • a cute little navigation
  • dashed and dotted posts
  • blue permalinks, pink quotes, light green audio containers, and link containers that change with your background color
  • a very kawaii font for those who like kawaii fonts
  • space for a sidebar pic [meaning it looks better with one]
  • a center background
  • a regular background
  • a kawaii as hell small pixel bunny [made by me] on the permalink and sidebar [the sidebar is credit so don’t touch it]
  • slightly transparent/sometimes completely see-through next page and page numbers on the page navigation [it depends on what page you’re on or what you hover over]

coding | live preview

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