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Today, I will share some really cute name ideas and the source to get the best URL ideas about your blog whether you are girl or boy.

Before that, I would like to share on ask that I got last night. Take a look at below paragraph…

My name is fenjose. I have created a Tumblr blog with my name. Actually, that was my mistake that I had created my primary blog with my own name rather than blog niche that I wanted to do. Now, I want to change my blog name and create a new blog name with my blog topic. I don’t have any ideas about the hot and trend based Tumblr names. So, please suggest me a cute but creative blog name idea.

Creative Tumblr Names

Hey Fenjose, thanks for asking, we have already developed a Name Generator that can help you a lot to get the blog name ideas which you have describe in your asking note. All those names are cute and creative and mainly based on current trend.

If you will surf the blogs at Tumblr, you will find that there are some names that are too famous and cool in girls. There are many girls using them without any issue. Below is the list of such names…

  • Pearl
  • Isabella
  • Ocean
  • Aquaria
  • Elaine
  • Sarah

Whereas, below are the list of some cute boys names that you can consider…

  • Eclipse
  • Razor
  • Ashes
  • Caspiel
  • Alan
  • Dan

Above is just couple of ideas for girls and boys name. If you are thinking to choose a blog name, then you can start with “Fuck Yeah”. Many Tumblr blog names start with that particular word, you can also follow them.

If you are blogging about fashion, then blog name should be “ You can add Hypen between them to make them cool.

Above name is just for example, you can generate numerous Cute names using name generator from great blog categories.

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