Download Music from Tumblr

Now its possible to backup any audio from Tumblr to your computer. Start Download Music from Tumblr without an issue.

Yes, Its true. Now you can use Greasemonkey Web browser extension to Download Music Songs from Tumblr. I have tried it on my private blog and it works. However, You can test it on your test blogs for testing music downloading.

This Greasemonkey addon to download audio is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can search it for Internet Explorer if you have it.

How to get Music from Tumblr

You just need to follow some simple steps to get your favorite music on your computer.

  1. First of all, Logged in to your Tumblr account.
  2. Point your web browser to GreaseMonkey
  3. Now Click on Install button on that page.
  4. After installing read instruction on that page to download music from your Tumblr blog.
  5. Save your music to your computer.
  6. Done

Note: Please read Tumblr Community Guideline about Web Browser Extensions before using any third party web browser extensions.


TumTaster For Firefox
TumTaster for Google Chrome
TumTaster for Safari

Feedback & Asks:

1. I think I found how to download music from here while you’re in your phone. This worked on a Samsung Galaxy SII, here’s the thing:

I usually check tumblr on my phone so when I found a song I like I save it as a draft, so I can download it later on my computer, and you know, sometimes the music player of the app does not work, so I was trying to hear the song but the app failed once again

So I opened tumblr on the navegator and change the view side from “mobile view” to “standar view” and then I went to drafts, and the songs appeared with a “listen” under a music note, and I clicked it and this fucking thing started to download the sONG

I DID NOT HAVE TO USE THE COMPUTER TO DOWNLOAD IT. P.s. I do not know If is there a way to download it from your phone yet, so ignore me I just found this and it’s very useful to me

2. To download the music into a folder you gotta right click the “Download” link and click “Save link as…” and click your music folder or whatever and it’ll put that mp3 file in whatever folder you chose.

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