Tumblr URL ideas - Good Blog Title Names

Here is the most important tip that you can apply before choosing any good URLs for your blog. Detailed steps and ideas about Tumblr URLs.

Good URL Ideas can Change your Life

Tumblr is nice blogging platform. It provides sub domain URL when you create a blog on their blogging platform. Many freelancer users use it because it is free and customizable.

Good URL Ideas

You can create one Primary blog. You can use your own top level domain name too such as .com. You can use their sub URL with your own domain such as example.tumblr.com. However, you can’t use Tumblr name in the URL.

Additionally, user can create secondary blogs in their account. Additional secondary blog URLs are also free.

URL Ideas

There are some ideas and concepts that you can apply before changing or choosing new domain address.

  1. Your first step should be selecting a blog niche or blog category. Any good URL represents the category of the blog.
  2. The second step should be the keyword or brand name. If you are willing to create a technology blog, then the best URL will be technologygeek.tumblr.com or technogeek.tumblr.com
  3. What will you do when your favorite URLs has been taken? The best idea is to put s or z after the name or URL that you want to choose. Example for, If you want to choose icanread.tumblr.com and if it has been taken, then you can create icanreadz.tumblr.com
  4. Your blog URL should be as short and descriptive as possible. It will be best to remember for users and good SEO approach.
  5. There are many cool URL generators available on the Web that you can use to take help while choosing Tumblr names. Such as Tumblr Name Generator.


1. Can I use “Fuck Yeah” such as fuckyeahexample.tumblr.com?

Look, as far as I know, there are many top blog URLs starts with fuck yeah. So I think, there is no problem with that. You can contact to Support team.

2. Can I save URLs?

No. You can’t. As per Community Guideline, you can’t save URLs, if you are not using it. Please read community guideline.

3. Can i change my old domain address with some new domain ideas?

Yes, as far as you follow guideline, you can change.


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