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Now select the feature and function that you need in your blog theme and press “Generate” button to use this themes generators.

It was too boring to install any theme which doesn’t have features that we want. Many Good Tumblr themes doesn’t have either endless scrolling or scroll to top button or any other feature that we like most. Then, how to generate theme which have all the features that we want.

We install and change couple of themes which have useless features, but we have to keep them because we don’t have good themes which has feature which we want. But now there are some themes generators which can generate awesome Tumblr themes in couple of seconds of our choice.

We can decide which feature will be enable and which feature should be disable. Currently, There are two theme generators that I like most one is developed by Jose who is from Florida and other is by pimp-my-profile.

Tumblr Themes Generators

Jose has generated a cool and very cute theme generator which can generate amazing Tumblr themes in couple of seconds with the feature only enabled by us. There are some very cool features he has added it his theme generator.

You just need to tick the feature that you want to add in your Tumblr theme and click on Generate button. That’s it. A theme will be ready in the box with source file that you have to replace with your existing theme.

Theme Generator Features

It has some cool features which has been listed below…

  1. It has cool customization options for body area of your theme such as text color, text font, background color and many more.
  2. To customize your theme, He has added font customization options for body font, header banner font, permalink font and you can give the size of above all fonts. Theme generator will automatically add them in your theme.
  3. He has customize theme generator to add your choice about post box size, show tags, captions, notes and reblog count.
  4. Additionally, He has added sidebar options in this theme generator which can be very helpful to you. You can upload sidebar background image for your blog theme. You can decide the alignment and position of your blog sidebar.
  5. There are Tumblr infinite scrolling options with cool back to top button. Furthermore, You can decide the column of your blog theme. There are options for One column, two columns, three columns and four columns theme designs. You can customize your theme any time. Even, You can decide the color of your dashboard and follow buttons.
  6. In the last, This Theme Generator contains the ability to add slider drop down menu for your Tumblr theme. You can add pop up menu, drop down menu and much more.

You should try this Theme generator once to have some fun.


1. For months I’ve been looking for a tumblr theme with three columns that would fill almost the whole page. I didn’t want a sidebar on the side,  and I particularly wanted to be able to show captions and tags, because words are important to me.

Today I spent a disproportionate amount of time continuing to search for those elusive qualities. I looked at a hundred themes. None of them (and I was quite prepared to pay) had all the elements I wanted. I got rather tired of seeing multiple tiny boxes and miniature cursors, and fonts so small that I needed a magnifying glass to read them. I discovered that not all themes and theme-makers are, uh, graphically gifted.

Finally, I stumbled across the Tumblr Theme Generator, and with little expectation of it being able to create what I wanted, I was delighted to find that after some experimentation I could specify exactly what I wanted in my theme - and it WORKED!

It’s not completely perfect yet, but it’s close - and I’ll keep tweaking the code to make my blog look exactly the way I want. I’m happy to share the theme if anyone wants it, but I really recommend having a shot at doing it yourself. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment, and it’s free.

2. Now that I have your attention I just wanted to tell you that I just made a new theme today! (for myself) using theme creator, it’s super cool and really easy. And i’m so happy with what I did to my theme.

3. the original generator made by tit - love this one, now has an option to monetize your tumblr, up to 3 columns, sidebar or header, and tons of other options 

totally layouts generator - not bad at all, only real drawback is the credit link right under the description….(which can be easily removed and they cant get too mad if you keep the second credit on the upper left side….just dont tell anyone i said this and we are good) up to 5 columns and multiple options

themelr generator - um, is it just me or is this the exact same as the totally layouts one…..hmm, either these guys are partnered or someone has some explaining to do

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