SCM Custom Skins - SCM Music Player

SCM is the leading music player developer website. Almost all Tumblr and Blogger blogs love to put SCM Player as their primary music player on their blogs.

1Top Music Bar

Tumblr Music Player - Small Music Player - Mini Music Player

This is my top theme that can be added at the top of your blog header. A few buttons with song list look awesome. It is fully customizable.

2Rounded Music Player

Tumblr Music Player Custom Skins - Music Player for Tumblr

We can put it at our sidebar area. It covers only small amount of space of sidebar. So, Its worth to add it.

3Corner Music Player

Tumblr Music Player

Name suggests everything about corner player. The limitation is, you need to put it at right bottom area with either Hypster playlist or Billy Player.

SCM Skins are one of the most used as music player for Tumblr blogs. It has a variety of Skins, Customization options and easy implement procedure.

SCM Music Player Skins

Like SCM, WikPlayer also using same Music Player Skins such as Full, Small, Hybrid and Custom. If you like, you can put custom skins with SCM Player.

Recently, we have shared more than 50 SCM Skins that you can put on your Tumblr or Blogger blogs.

Recently, A Music Player has been launched called WikPlayer. WikPlayer has Mini, Hybrid and Custom Skin solutions. You can use Custom Music Player skins too.

I am receiving numerous feedback for above skins. It seems like, I should continue developing such skins. I would be courage-full, if you reblog it and show your response.

Please contact me if you find any difficulties installing those audio players.


1. It’s super easy to put music on tumblr nowadays is hard to find one that has not wonderful playlists. But some people still do not know so I decided to make this super easy and quick status.

2. I have installed one of the above player skin, It super easy to install and use. I just had to create my own music playlist for these music players. I randomly changed different skin that are provided above and all are awesome. thanks

3. First of all, I want to thank Miss Rehana for these awesome skins, and want to ask how you have find such a wonderful themes and layouts? My all Tumblr blogs have one of your music skins and they are rocking with them. My bounce rate has been decreased and page views have been increased significantly.

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