How to Put ASK and FAQ together same Page on Tumblr

Now you can easily get a FAQ and Ask box on the same page of your blog. This is the end of all your question and terms of condition. You can put them on custom Tumblr page.


Adding Ask+FAQ Page on Tumblr

This is quite simple to have FAQ and Ask on the same page. We can say it Tumblr trick. Yeah. You will have to create a page in which you will add FAQ and in the end, You will add ASK box code. That’s simple na? Wanna try? Follow my trick…

  1. Create a Custom Page on your Tumblr blog. Adding a Page.
  2. Give it a URL “asks”. You can’t use ask because it is a default Tumblr URL for Ask page.
  3. Give it a title and start writing your terms and condition in the body.
  4. When you finished your terms and condition, click on HTML button from toolbar and Paste below ASK box code just after your FAQ terms.
  5. Save Your Page.
  6. Done

Put this ASK box code…

<p><iframe src="{Name}" id="ask_form" height="230" width="280" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<!--[if IE]><script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById('ask_form').allowTransparency=true;</script><![endif]--></p>
<div id="ask_h" onClick="apagar();'none';"></div>

Replace with your Tumblr URL.

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