How to Disable Infinite Scrolling on Tumblr

I will provide your a page link from where you can easily enable and disable your endless scrolling function. You don’t need to remove infinite scrolling script from your theme.

Infinite Scrolling Activate/ Deactivate

Look, There may be various script which has options to enable or disable from Tumblr theme customization page. You should not remove them from your theme, You can just deactivate them and they will not appear or work on your theme. When ever, You want them back, You just need to enable them again. Simple.

Follow below trick and tips…

  1. You will need your Tumblr account access. Log in.
  2. Now after login, Go to this page which is called as theme customization page.
  3. You will find Infinite Scrolling or Endless scrolling option.
  4. Tick the box and Save your theme
  5. Done, It will be disable.

You can enable it later if you want to enable it in future.

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