Tumblr Custom Theme - How to add Next/Previous Page Button

If you are looking for Tumblr base theme then you can start with adding next and previous post button in your base theme.

Tumblr Base Theme

Here is the another session for learning how to make your own Tumblr theme. Today, I will show you how to add next and previous buttons to your Tumblr theme.

It depends on you where you want to add these buttons. Normally you can put it between permalink page and footer area. Below is the HTML codes which you can put where ever you want to show your navigation buttons.

                <div id="perm_pagination">
                    <span class="next_post">
                        <a href="{NextPost}">&laquo; Previous</a>                   
                    <span class="prev_post">
                        <a href="{PreviousPost}">Next &raquo;</a>

Note: This pagination will appear on permalink page and not on index page, If you want to show pagination on index page then follow below article which will add pagination to your index page.

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