3 Column Tumblr Themes - Three Column Layouts

Here is a cute three columns Tumblr theme which has Fixed Sidebar, Endless scrolling pages, Cool Navigation bar Layout and much more.

Three Column Tumblr Themes

I spent much much time to develop this 3 Column Tumblr theme with fixed sidebar. You can say that this is my first three columns theme. I have tried my best of best to develop it.

For the first time, I have added Endless Scrolling in my own developed theme that works smoothly on cute 3 Column Layout that is a bonus for all Tumblr users who want endless scrolling for their fashion or photography blog.

3 Column Tumblr Theme Feature

Here are some best feature and codes that I have added in this three column theme.

3 column theme

First, I would like to note “Navigation Bar”. A cute fixed position navigation bar is fit for 3 column layout. I have added Text Logo, Ask, Random Post and Archive link in that Navigation bar.

3 column tumblr theme

3 Column Theme with Sidebar. Sidebar is the key feature of this three column theme. You can upload your own avatar picture and blog description will be appearing under your avatar.

three column theme

Cool Reblog button has been added in each post. All post has proper notes, reblog button and reblog source details. Add Reblog button on your theme.

three column tumblr theme

Additionally, Sharing icons are looking awesome. You will love sharing icons. Add Sharing icons in your existing theme.

Short Feature List…

  1. Endless Scrolling
  2. Background changer
  3. Navigation bar
  4. Reblog button
  5. Sharing icons
  6. 3 column layout
  7. Fixed sidebar

Three Column Theme Preview

3 Column Sidebar Tumblr Themes



1. Hi there! I am using your theme and I made the posts wider from about 290px to 900px. So, I could have it as 3 columns! it looks great, but I realized that my links (on the right side of my blog) don’t work! I’m not sure why this is happening. I can’t click on them anymore. Perhaps, you have an idea? Thank you

Reply: You can change the size from #content easily.

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