Custom Mouse Cursors - Add Your Own Image

Did you ever use your own image in Avatar? Now you can use it. Here is Custom Tumblr Cursor Code which will allow you to add your own image as a cursor for your Tumblr blog.

Tumblr Mouse Cursor

Look, There is a HTML code for Mouse Cursor. You just need to use your own image with that HTML code. I will teach you how to change your cursor. Just follow me…

Tumblr Cursors

First of all copy above cursor image and add your own image. Make sure that cursor image size should not more than 33x36 pixels. However, You can resize it as per your requirement.

Copy below HTML Cursor Code and paste them right after <head> code. head will be at the top of your Tumblr theme.

<style> body, a, a:hover{ cursor:url(CursorImageHere), auto } </style>

You just need to use your own image which you have created in step 1 and paste them in above HTML codes instead of CursorImageHere.


1. How to make my own image which can adjust with above mouse icon?

You can use Photoshop or Paint to re-size your profile picture to use it on above mouse. Make your image 33x36 px for best match on above cursor.

2. Can I add Sparkle effects with above mouse cursor?

Yes, good question. You can easily add Sparkle effects by adding additional JavaScript codes.

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