Tumblr Should Be Improve - See What

Tumblr should change many things. There are such things which are limited such as Post limit, Reblog and Ask limit. Couple of layout changes and improvement in features including video player, audio player.

They should make more powerful Social Sharing feature. Couple of other tasks has been added in this post.

Tumblr Should Grow Up

How Tumblr Can Improve

Despite of above points, still Tumblr is fabulous blogging platform where everything is perfect excepting some minor changes. I hope in future, they will cover them too.

Normal user do not face post limit including me who never see a single restriction page where it show my post or ask limit. However, there is still large number of users who are getting restriction notice everyday for ask, post and Reblog limit.

I think there is some limit to restrict spammer because how can normal and quality user reach such a large number of posts! It is not a big issue, Tumblr can increase it very easily.

But, there is a feature which i miss a lot - Its comments. Tumblr should include comment feature at least. I can’t tell you, how badly i am missing that feature.

I am sure about comments that it will be added by staff soon as there is a large demand of comment feature on whole community.

Now, something about URLs. Permalink URL is too large. Tumblr should remove post/50774648392 from permalink structure. Post/number increases URL length. It is hard to rank for such a large permalink structure.

At last, I would like to inform staff team that there are many URLs which are useless and inactive for long period of time, Staff should remove their registration and make them available for re-use.

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