How to Add Archive Button

Many Free Themes come with archive page and custom page links. It makes good navigation layout. If your theme doesn’t have archive link on your blog, then today I will show you how to customize it.

For better idea, I have attached a screenshot of my Tumblr blog menu bar and footer area which have an archive link.

How to Put Archive Page

How to Add Archive Link

Adding an Archive Link

It depends on your blog layout and CSS customization level. I have attached two screenshot. In first screenshot, there are some customizable links with high quality CSS customization and another are links in a normal manner like other ordinary links.

Yeahiamgary asked: Your blog categories are well organized. As a visitor, I can navigate your blog easily. I can see each and every important links such as archive page link. I have also fashion blog on Tumblr and wanted to add at least one archive link on my index page. Will you guide me how can i put it on my blog.

Reply: Look, There are three areas where you can put those links and they are header, sidebar and footer. Link will be same for all but area will be changed. Please follow below steps to add archive link on your page where ever you want…

  • You will need to access couple of setting and customization page so first log in to your Tumblr.
  • Your second step will be, Edit your theme. Go to this page and click on Edit HTML.
  • Add below Archive Page link Codes where you want to put it.
  • Save your theme and done.
<a href="http://{Name}">Archive Page</a>

Above is the simple form of Archive link. You will not need to edit it. Just paste it, save your theme and done.

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