Tumblr Will Be Joining Yahoo

Are you Excited? I’m too. We are going to see big improvements in performance and now, Tumblr will be more faster than ever before. You can’t miss this news spreading to your friends.

What will be new? Logo and the title of our favorite blogging community? Will it Tumhoo?!


Tumblr Yahoo Combination

It is sure that Tumblr is joining Yahoo. Today, David has informed whole community bloggers about this news via Staff blog and said, “Tumblr will be joining Yahoo”.

Perhaps, you are wondering how it will be possible, What will be the changes and blah blah blah. Don’t worry, David added that everything will be intact as right now. After joining Yahoo, Tumblr will be more faster and awesome.

As per David, Tumblr’s goal, aim and the motto to empower will be the same as before but with more resources to give quality services to world’s creators.

David was too excited about this news and said, “Our logos end with punctuation and we won’t let you down”.

(Source: Support)

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