How to Make Hypen URL

Tumblr is a world of creators and beautiful peoples. You can create whatever you want. Today, I will share a unique trick which I learned last Thursday while creating a new blog.

Yeah, it is hypen URL. There are many guys out there who might want to add hypen before their URL names.

How to Add a Hypen on Tumblr URL

How to Add a Hypen on Tumblr URL

As I said earlier, that was a wonderful experience. Last Thursday when I was creating a new blog for testing something new codes and projects, I accidentally added hypen before actual URL and do you know what happened? I was able to create that URL with hypen. That’s true.

I have heard somewhere that we can’t create URLs with hypen but it was wrong at least in my case. So, if you want to create a Tumblr URL name then follow some basic steps…

  • Go to create a new blog.
  • Type the URL with hypen. Ex:
  • Give it a title and Done.

Suppose, System doesn’t allow you, do not panic and just make a notepad file where write down that URL name with hypen. Copy whole name with hypen and paste it on the URL box and just create a new blog.

Quick Tips: Do you want to come up with Cool Tumblr Names? Don’t worry. You can choose trendy names which are too famous on Tumblr in current generation.

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