How to Make Transparent Tumblr Background

There are variety of custom Transparent themes available of the net that can be use on your blog without making any changes. Those are easy to use and without anymore customization. You can enable or disable transparent effect and many more options just by pressing some simple buttons.

However, if you are own customized theme and you don’t want to replace it with new one, then I have a brilliant solution for you. You can make your current existing theme transparent background. This is how you will not need to replace your theme. It is easy to implement such feature without having much knowledge about coding and HTML layout.

Making transparent Background Content

Look, if you are going to convert your existing theme to transparent, then you will need to manually edit your theme. I will guide you with screenshot and steps.

1. First of all, Go to your Tumblr dashboard and Click on settings icon. Click on your blog and then Customize button to customize your theme.

2. On the Customization page, click on edit HTML button to implement the transparent effect content.

3. Press Ctrl+F from your keyboard to search .post from your CSS style.

Note: Some part of your current CSS style will be changed so it is better and safe to take a backup before proceeding. Nowadays, Tumblr backup is not working properly so keep your backup yourself.

4. Replace background: #fff; to background: transparent; and save your theme.

Actual coding might be different, but I have solution for that too. If you find anything strange or different, you just comment in the below form, I will surely reply you personally.

I hope that you have changed your background to transparent successfully.


1. How to search background: #fff; I couldn’t find it?

Scroll down slowly slowly from the start of your HTML template and look it in your theme style file.

2. My theme doesn’t have background: #fff;

Look, all the themes have these coding, It might possible that you are not searching the exact HTML. Just scroll down to your CSS style and try to look for .post settings.

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