Adding Snow Falling Effects for Tumblr Blogs

After a great response to my first Falling Snow Flakes code, Here is another great snow falling script code with more customization options to control speed and the decoration.

Many users have requested me via ask box about customization option for snow code. Actually they wanted to control the speed and some more Tumblr effects with regular falling snow code.

Snow Effect Code

Below are the steps which you can apply to put snow effects on your Tumblr blog. Additionally the snow code has customization options too to have better control on snow script.

1Same as first snow code script, Here too, you will need to add a snow script code in your Theme HTML file, So logged in and go to your Tumblr Theme Customize Page.

2On the Theme Customization page, Click on Edit HTML button and press Ctr+F button and search </head> code in your theme HTML file. Add below snow codes just above </head> code.

<script src=””></script>
snowStorm.snowColor = ‘#fff’; // Snow Color
snowStorm.flakesSpeed = 89;// Amount of Snowflakes Falling
snowStorm.flakeBottom = null; // Snowflakes piling up on bottom of your screen?

3You can control snow effect speed by configuring the script code. Save your theme HTML file and Look at your theme preview.

Feedback & Asks

1. Dear Anon, that’s just a little html code snippet you can build into your theme code. The original code uses a snowflake (and I used that during the winter), but you can replace the snowflake with any characters or words. You just need some courage to meddle a little with html code.

2. hey i was wondering about the snow effect thing i used the code and put it under head but it still isnt working :( do i put it on the line beneath head or on the same line?

3. Hi Susan! I know you don’t like HTML questions asked on Anon, but I hit ask limit and this honestly cannot wait for another hour! So I was on this girl’s blog, and she had falling hearts falling down on her blog. And I remember you used to have it on yours, but I can’t find the code anywhere. Help, please? :)

4. hey! so I tried your falling words code thing and now my tumblr won’t keep flashing white at random times. go to my blog and just watch the pictures flash all of a sudden! anyway you can help?

5. It works just fine when I go onto it. I don’t understand, is your blog supposed to flash or not? Maybe you were just on your computer too long or something. Sometimes my blog flashes even without the code. Tumblr is weird sometimes. Sorry if I didn’t help!

6. The html code for the snow effect (the one I used) can be found here. So just copy everything and paste it under the <head> tag, or the <body> tag of your theme html. (whichever works for you because I can paste it anywhere and it just works) You can also change the colour and speed of the snow at the very beginning of the code. Hope this helps :]


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