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All these Tumblr blog names are made as per the latest trend for girls and boys. You can choose any blog name as per your blog niche. You can made any modifications on these names.

Note: All names are only trend and popularity based rather than search engine friendly. However, If any name matches your Tumblr blog niche then i am sure it will give you great success.

Tumblr provides free blogging service on their sub domains. However, Please do not spam with these blog names. First of all, Read all TOS and Policies at about Community Guideline for Names and URLs and then use Name Generator.


- I don’t know if any of the RP’ers around FR have found this generator or not, but I ran across it and it actually comes up with some pretty nifty names.

As much as I love the quirkiness of the FR name generator, I think this would be a good backup and thought I’d share

- I finally used “Benedict Cumberbatch genarator name” for first time and that’s what I got; Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumber batch… (!!!) Bells are ringing! I have no need to use a second time the generator! The only thing I have to do is to find Benedict…

This is really a great name generator!

- I like to make a list of possible names for each character; I use Behind the Name and their name generator a lot, but I also like to use other name generators to get character name ideas.

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I start off with developing the character and plot while making the name list. I normally don’t choose a name in till after I get a fairly clear mental image of the character in my head. Well, except for the very first time I participated in NaNoWriMo; that time I had decided to make everything up on the spot and that included naming them. I had found out about NaNoWriMo 2 weeks before it started, so I didn’t have much time to plan. (Ok, I did do a little planning, but I ended up hating the story so much that I decided just to make up a new plot on the spot.) But, under normal circumstances, names come after character creation.

Last Updated: 15/09/2013
by Rehana Shaikh